Dan Mangan - Queen Elizabeth Theatre Vancouver (November 9, 2012) 

How I spent my first week of October

My week….Willy Mason, Laura Marling and The Avett Brothers

Dawes (@dawestheband) -a little bit of everything.  A song I’ve had on repeat for the past few weeks. 

5,000 miles, four planes, two international boundaries …. one amazing night

Reflection time as I sit 30,000 feet up above Oklahoma or some other very flat and empty state.  Continuing the tradition of musical adventures I have embarked on, I did find myself Texas bound on a lovely Monday morning. This time, I was flying to the live music capital of the world, Austin Texas, to see my very favourite band Gomez on their very special fifteen anniversary tour, also known as the quinceañera tour. It is a rare feat these days for a band to still be together after fifteen years and to continue to make great music and be great friends. Maybe that is why I gravitate towards them. A band that has weaved itself into my journey into adulthood for so many years. 

Thanks to some lovely and very dedicated Gomez supporters, I decided to take yet another leap of faith and fly across the continent to attend a very special gig.  The quinceañera tour is unique in many ways. Firstly, hello! It is Gomez. Secondly, they asked their fans to vote and choose the songs they wanted to hear. From the old to the new, from the obscure to the mainstream songs. Fans were asked to vote and the band will play the top ten voted songs in each city. We were treated to close to two hours of amazing live music. Classics were played, hands were clapped, feet were dancing, voices were lost. From the enormous bill we racked at the bar’s (very) happy hour, the heckling of band members during the show, the stranger who grabbed my hand and dragged me to stand about a foot away from Ian for the entire show, to the post show hangout; it was fun. These lads are truly the nicest guys around. Each of them took time to chat and hangout.  Some wrote some very silly messages.  Some even supplied a few too many beers. I am always amazed that they are genuinely touched that people do come to see them play and in my case travel quite a distance to see them.   I managed to crawl into my very comfy hotel bed well after 3am, tipsy as can be but really content.

Welcome to womanhood boys, it will only get better, i promise.

The National - Vancouver Orpheum Theatre November 28 2011