To Kill A King - I Like Birds (Eels cover)

To Kill a King covering The New Pornographers (Ralph’s Balcony session in Vancouver)

The amazing tokillaking  

To Kill A King - Wolves (animated video) (by tokillakinguk)

To Kill A King - Funeral 

To Kill A King - Funeral

To Kill A King - We used to protest/gamble 

The @tokillakinguk album comes out on Feb 25. Do yourself, your ears and your friends’ ears a massive favour and get it.

To Kill A King - Cold Skin

To Kill A King - Standing in front of the mirror

To Kill A King - Howling

You’ve heard/read me raving about them.  Do yourself a favour, download their FREE EP (yes people FREE, no money, zilch, nada, rien de rien) Word Of Mouth at

The final balcony session from To Kill A King featuring Bastille, Emily Wood, We Were Evergreen, Professor Penguin, Youth Imperial and the Title Sequence.  What more needs to be said…. IT IS BRILLIANT 

Treat your ears right. Listen to this album.

A night spent under a London bridge

What can you say about a band you’ve really wanted to see live? I’ve been a fan of London based To Kill A King for a while now but never had the chance to see them live. Herein lies the curse of being an international music fan. So when the long awaited and debated over trip to London was becoming a reality, I jumped at the chance to schedule it around the possibility of seeing them live.

I was lucky enough to attend their third guerilla gig. The secretive gig’s location was to be revealed a few hours before. Armed with my (albeit confusing for a non Londonder) instructions, I made my way along the Regent canal somewhere in London (and may i say bless google maps and my iphone for making sure I did not end up in the water or worse).

So here I was, standing under a bridge waiting for the gig to start watching as people were trickling in. The cheery crowd was in good spirit and settled happily once opener Alex Vargas started playing. 

Passers-by out for an evening stroll stopped for a listen, people clapped and cheered and some even rang their bicycle’s bells along.

Soon enough To Kill A King took the stage and treated us to a great acoustic performance.

They were joined by Robbie from Youth Imperial on their rendition of Howling from their forthcoming EP Word of Mouth (

Too soon it was over and it was time to go back to reality. It only confirmed my belief that I really do need to see them play a “proper” gig with drums, guitars and stage antics (all within reason I would hope) but for now this will suffice. I will try to come back and see them on tour. Hopefully one day soon, they will be touring the world and i for one will be there.  I will continue to spread the word about them to those who will listen and to those who don’t. 

I must say the lads were genuinely nice. I said hello and chatted with them for a while before I made my way back onto the tube, armed with a smile and happy ears.

Their new EP comes out July 23. Visit to download a FREE song! Their previous EPs my Crooked Saint and Fictional State are aslo definite must haves for any music lover’s collection. 

Give them a listen and fall under their spell like many of us have.

To Kill A King have announced a new EP!


The Word of Mouth EP will be collection of six live performances, which were written and recorded in Spring 2012. 
The EP will soon be available to download and on a limited number of hand-printed cds. 

Click here to join To Kill A King’s mailing list and receive a free track from the EP right away.

This EP is all about how music can be shared so spread the word! 

The latest Balcony Session from To Kill A King featuring Melodica, Melody And Me.

Absolutely brilliant.